Design Something Every Day – Day 2

January 2nd marks day two of my attempts to design something everyday. I explained the thinking behind the whole thing yesterday, so check out that post for a little bit more information about what’s going on here.

Today I’ve spent most of my time working on more fixes to the new WordPress theme, and there’s still a long way to go before it’s all finished. So I haven’t really had a lot of time to work on anything too original. However one of the things I have been doing to try to get the theme up to scratch is to add some header images to old posts. I’ve only done a couple, and the majority of those are just images I’ve used in the past, however I took a few minutes out to open up Illustrator and put at least a small bit of effort into actually making something. Seeing as it’s the holiday season still, just about, I added a Christmas themed banner for the old blog post about the Mediaid Christmas Theme. It’s certainly nothing special, but I made it, so it counts! Here are the 3 banners I’ve added today:

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