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Design Something Every Day – Day 1

One of my new resolutions for 2010 (more info on those coming soon) is to try to kick some life into my creativity by joining in with the Design Something Every Day idea. I first read about the idea earlier in December on Smashing Magazine and decided it was a great way to both get the creative juices flowing and incentivise me to keep this blog alive. I’ve said before that I intended to get back into it, but every time I’ve let the blog slip into nothingness – evident by the fact that my last post before this was in June!

Soon to change though! Design Something Every Day means that I should have something to post on here everyday, which will keep the focus on the blog and keep me posting about other things too. Wins all round I think.

My something for January 1st? This brand new blog design! It’s been underway for months on and off (mostly off), and is now (mostly) finally ready to be launched. It’s not quite all there, as will be made quite clear if you’re clicking around at all right now, but it’s nearly no longer January 1st anymore and I don’t want to start making excuses so soon.

So here we are, enjoy!

Bookmarking Toolbar v1.0

A short while ago I wrote my own Javascript social bookmarking toolbar (like you see on the BBC news pages – current random example). It is pretty much a total rip off of the AddThis bookmarking system, with one pretty important exception. You host the scripts and images on your own site. On the plus side it means you can do whatever you want with the script, but on the downside it means that updates are not automatic. Once you install it that is it, unless you come back here and download an updated version. Maybe one day I’ll offer it as a hosted solution. But for now you guys get scripts and nothing else!

I like how it works, so I thought I would make it available to the masses.

You’ve got two options:

  1. Download a default example version here and then play about with the scripts, or;
  2. Customise your script below and copy and paste the code onto your pages as instructed.

Up to you!
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Adobe Dreamweaver 9 crashes when selecting text in code view

I just started doing some work on one of my sites and an annoying problem cropped up which I had (thankfully) forgotten all about. Whenever I selected any text at all, regardless of length, language, or any other criteria, in code view Dreamweaver would freeze and XP would prompt me to kill the program. Fortunately this problem seemed to be restricted to one specific include file in one site. Problem now is I have quite a bit of work to do in this file, and I don’t fancy using Notepad. I like code colouring, alright?

Renaming the file, copying it, or saving it elsewhere using Notepad did sod all to fix it. There’s nothing wrong with the code, because I’m amazing and don’t write broken code. Dreamweaver is just being plain balls.

Google to the rescue! Maybe I was being a little bit hopeful with my search for “dreamweaver 9 crash”, but I guess luck was on my side today. Result number 2 – Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 crashes when selecting text in code view …

Swish! A quick read, some quick clicks, and my problem fixed! Here’s a short copy and paste of what to do to fix the issue:

The crux of it was deleting the winfilecachexxxxx.dat file – Once doing this, it was plain sailing and hasn’t crashed since.
On Windows Xp, the file is at:-
[drive]:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver
On Windows Vista, you can find it in:-
[drive]:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration
or accessible via windows explorer in
Desktop\[username]\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration

My Dreamweaver is back to it’s awesome self now, running like sex. Thank you very much Martin Parry for being at the top of Google! I hope you don’t mind me ripping off and linking your junk.

Mediaid Training Services LTD added to portfolio

Just a short entry to announce that my new design for Mediaid Training Services LTD has been added to the portfolio section of the site.

Completely rewritten in PHP the new version of the Mediaid site makes use of dynamic database driven content and compliant XHTML and CSS, on top of looking super sexy and smart. The content has all been rewritten with SEO in mind to improve the site’s Google rankings.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection – An Installation Nightmare

Along with everyone else in the web world I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the new Creative Suite from Adobe. Since Adobe aquired Macromedia not so long ago I’ve been interested to see what would happen to the Macromedia Studio products I had come to know and love. Would Fireworks have gone all Photoshopey? I’d spent a short period of time playing with the Fireworks 9 beta, but hadn’t really gotten into it, so didn’t have much of an idea of what had changed. But who cares. New software means I’m getting it.

I am slave for shiney new things. I can’t help it, it’s in my geeky veins. That’s just how I roll.

Master Collection: Check.
PC: Check.
Time to kill: Check.

In my world that means it’s time to install some software. Adobe disagrees.
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