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Design Something Every Day – Day 1

One of my new resolutions for 2010 (more info on those coming soon) is to try to kick some life into my creativity by joining in with the Design Something Every Day idea. I first read about the idea earlier in December on Smashing Magazine and decided it was a great way to both get the creative juices flowing and incentivise me to keep this blog alive. I’ve said before that I intended to get back into it, but every time I’ve let the blog slip into nothingness – evident by the fact that my last post before this was in June!

Soon to change though! Design Something Every Day means that I should have something to post on here everyday, which will keep the focus on the blog and keep me posting about other things too. Wins all round I think.

My something for January 1st? This brand new blog design! It’s been underway for months on and off (mostly off), and is now (mostly) finally ready to be launched. It’s not quite all there, as will be made quite clear if you’re clicking around at all right now, but it’s nearly no longer January 1st anymore and I don’t want to start making excuses so soon.

So here we are, enjoy!

Currently working on a redesign

Man! It has been a while since I wrote anything in here guys! I’m not so good at this blogging business huh? Maybe giving the site a new lease of life will kick things up a notch.

THAT’S RIGHT! I’m currently working on a new design for this thing. It’s been a good few years since I made this site, my skills have improved, my knowledge has improved, the Internets have improved and quite frankly this site is ass.

Yesterday (Bank Holidays yeah!) I spent most of the day sitting around watching some TV shows, but the time I didn’t spend doing that I spent checking out the best of the best blogs on the web. Most were web design oriented, some were personal blogs, and a few were from other industries, but they were all pretty sexy to my eyes.

After hundreds of sites bookmarked and two sheets of notes and sketches made I’ve got a pretty awesome idea of how I want the refreshed site to look. The hard part is getting the pretty out of my head and onto the screen. I am almost definitely a developer/coder more than I am a designer, so it’s gonna take some time and a lot of revisions before I get the final design anywhere near what I want. But we’ll get there!

There’s two major changes that are going to be made, the massive design overhaul aside. First and foremost will be the switch over to WordPress from b2evolution. I use WordPress quite a bit at work so I get to play around with it a fair amount, and it’s just so awesome. It’s also used more widely than b2evo, so the community support seems to be deeper too.

he second major change will be losing the Binary Loves You Too theme. I love geeky references and all that jazz, but for this site to work how I want the theme of the site has to match the domain. Ditching this domain would be far too much hassle, so the BLYT tag gets binned instead! Maybe in future I’ll resurrect it for something else and give it its won domain, but for now – bye bye binary!


And we’re done!

And less than 24 hours later everything is completed. The blog has a name, we have some new graphics at the top, all the incomplete pages have been finished off, and we even have our own little logo. You should see it in your address bar if you’re using Firefox, and if you’re using IE, add the page to your favourites and you should then see the logo show there.
Now to get a job…

New Website is Live!

Big cheers all round! My new website/portfolio is finally live and ready to go. The old one was truly awful, and this new one is simply awesome, so here’s to good times!
This new site has a number of lovely features, including:

  • This blog, obviously;
  • A new and improved portfolio;
  • A little section about me;
  • Testimonials from my clients.

There’s still a few bits that need finishing off, such as the testimonials page and the page about me, but the majority of the site is all ready to go.

I hope you enjoy yourself!